Friday, June 3, 2011


I am a great lover of malabar cuisine and I am always thrilled to try them out. I tried Chatti Pathiri for the first time and it came out well and all the credit goes to ria 's recipe. I made this to give her a birthday surprise and I think she really got excited I guess... I followed her recipe blindly, the only difference mine is 5 layered. I am not rewriting the recipe because I am feeling very lazy to type... you can go and check out at her blog where she has written the exact method.

for the recipe click here :Ria 's Chatti Pathiri


  1. MArvellous and delicious chatti pathiri, feel like having a slice rite now...lovely dish..

  2. Thanks for doing this for me, Dhanya!! I appreciate it! :)

  3. Good job Dhanya! Your CP has come out perfect! You should send it to Kerala Kitchen so we can add it to our Chatti Pathiri collection!

  4. Wow Dhanya that chatti pathiri looks yummylicious!
    Loved ur blog.

    Happy to follow u..